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Happy 20th Stacey and Happy Graduation Katie!!!


The party girls wearing their crowns...courtesy of else would we know who the party is for???


The K-Cate's get things ready...dip anyone???


The boys are amused by static electricity...Kate becomes part of their experiments.


Sara and Patrick and The Ladies (yes, I mean us)


Hot-tub fun...perhaps too much hot-tub fun.  Bathing suits not required ;-) (Just kidding...sort of!!)


After we all returned to the land of the clothed, Stacey opened her presents.  Do I see a theme???


And that, mes amies, was our night.  A bit censored, of course. 

But if anyone wants to see a picture of [insert name of friend who was rolling around the family room], I may just be able to help you!!!

Running away now, before she causes harm to my person. 


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