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!Summer Fun!

Pool party...picnic...friends,
maybe even some family!!!

Celebrate with us as we send our friends off to college, as we rejoice for the "End of Camp," as we celebrate Sandy's Birthday...and if you don't fit into one of those categories...JUST HAVE FUN!!

WHAT: The Party (of course!)
WHEN: Saturday, August 17
WHERE: Kate Sonderfan's House
            14 WestView place
        Midland Park, NJ
            Call for directions!
RSVP: to August 12th
by EMail or use this nifty message board!
 KATE's EMAIL  (just click on the link above!!!!)

!Summer Bash Message Board!
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So, we hope that you can come...and we have to tell ya....
there will be no alcohol served at this "summer bash"
please don't bring any, many of us are underaged
(and "friends don't let friends drive drunk" so we don't want you drinking before, either!)
~thanks ~
~the management~