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This ladies and gentlemen, qualifies as a situation where the phrase STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH truly applies.  The following transcript has been taken with permission from Carolyn's LiveJournal: 

So yeah...a l'il background from the POV of Cate is:  I've been hearing about this uh, interesting professor since the 1st day of classes, and I get the distinct impression that his students aren't exactly enthralled with his class.  An example of such dislike follows...

In other news, Emily and i feel very privileged to have the one and only Ben Stein as our logic professor. yeah, remember that scene in ferris bueller's day off; "anyone?....anyone?...." we have to deal with that Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at eight in the morning. all i gotta say is...god dang! we pass the time in class by being wicked mature and writing our professor (prof. hornbeck) letters stating how we really feel aboot his "venn diagrams" and "categorical syllogisms". usually these letters are addressed to professor hornDICK since we are clever and came up with that oh so cool pet name all by ourselves. unfortunately, this source of entertainment has come back to bite us in the ass. see, em and I will be missing class in October because we are going to a concert and won't be back in time. emily, being the studious...err....student that she is decided to email prof. hornbeck ahead of time. this is a copy of the event that followed:

crapily483: Here's a copy so you can see what I wrote...
crapily483: Dear Prof. Horndick,
My name is Emily Andreozzi and I am in your JRN100-01 class. I am emailing you ahead of time to let you know that my friend, Carolyn Bates, and I will not be able to attend class on the morning of October 20th......
*it goes on, but you get the idea*
reddburg: you didn't send that to him right?
crapily483: Yeah I did...why?
reddburg: haha...good one em :)
crapily483: I don't get it, I sent it to him just before I sent you that im
reddburg: you're shitting me!
reddburg: lol
crapily483: No, why?!
reddburg: HA!
crapily483: You're starting to scare me...
reddburg: "Dear Prof. HornDICK"
reddburg: LMFAO
crapily483: holy fuck!
crapily483: holy fuck!
crapily483: holy fuck!

yeah...true story ladies and gents. i don't think fatty patty and large marge will be getting A's in logical argumentation this year. oops.

Copyright October 2002 by "Large Marge" and "Fatty Patty"

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