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A Wee Piece 'O' Cate  

(cough, cough...ruler of Cate-Land and self-proclaimed dork!)

6 November 2003

WOW...has this semester flown by!!  It seems at though it was just the other day that Sam was bugging me to update Cate-Land....and a small update she did get!!  Anywho...

It has been cold and crappy here in Keene...but I suppose that is to be expected!  I've been busy busy busy--and I blame my lack of updates on that busy-ness!!  However, busy is wonderful in the Land of Cate--I've been planning trips and activities for my honor society peeps, getting training info set up for KSCReads and Americorps, writing papers and reading more than enough books for all of my (cough cough) wonderful classes this semester, and tryin to chill w/ my Keeners...and lots of other things!!

But I swear I'm having fun!!

Drop me a line...I miss you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!




6 July 2003

HAPPY 6th of JULY!!  Wowsers, its been awhile, huh...well...see, I have returned to dear o'l NJ for the summer--and boyoboy is it summer!!!  After complaining about NH snow, and then NJ rain, we have been slammed with a heatwave...there just is no middle ground is there?!?!  But--It was a long and cold winter, so I am going to take the sunshine and 95 degree weather and smile and thank whatever deity needbe...

So what do you want to know?  Well...Kate and Sas and I joined the Y...and when we are being good l'il gals we go and take Yoga and play in the um...big room with equipment and stuff...and when we are not we go and eat and shop...Aside from that...I've been working at the bakery and KCH...lots of hours--a good amount of fun--a reasonable amount of money (that i immediately spend when we go and eat and shop!)...Oh, yes...Kiki eats with us also...and she works where we shop...sometimes while we shop...but we show her our purchases...

I totally miss all my Keene folks...Miss Em and Miss Carolyn will be journeying to NJ very very soon and I can't wait to see them!!  I was up in Keene a few weeks ago to do some Reads schtuff and stayed w/ Melissa in her Bushnell set up...and I go to see Em--an OSTAFFER in action!!!  Anyway, it was great to be up there...and discover that they have ripped things apart...nothing makes you feel at home like waking up to the sound of a jackhammer!!

Ohohohohoh.....WOOHOO to Harry Potter V!!!!!!!!  It was grrrrreat, and yes...I admit that I am a dork--but who can resist those little wizards?!  

xoxo to y'all....miss everyone! (unless i see you everyday...then i dont miss you...but i will in september!!!)




5 April 2003

WOW, It's been a while...sorry about that!!  So anyway, let me catch you up.  The semester has just been FLYING by, in fact we only have about five weeks left!!  Spring break was just a few weeks ago, and it was great to be in MP with all my gals, (well, most of them) and lovely warm weather.  Several excursions were made shopping, and I even went to the zoo!!   Check out Cate-Land for a more more pics of my trip to the zoo!  

After we came back from break, the temperature plummeted drastically, and now, at the end of the first week of April we have snow and ice...lots of it.  Mother Nature, if your reading this (and why wouldn't you be, its Cate-Land!), please get your act in gear--I want to wear capri's!

In other just a wee bit over a week, Miss Kate will be 21 and Miss Em will be 20--enjoy your birthday months!!

TTFN!  xoox, Cate




20 January 2003

WOOHOO!  I'm back in Keene, folks!  After a long and lovely winter break all of the stresses of last semester have been put aside, and room has been made for the torment of SP03.  Haha, I am sure that it will be wonderful.  

In other news, it is damn cold here in Keene and there is a thick blanket of whiteness on the ground.  Cool.   

Um...I think thats pretty much it...but later, there will be more... =)


January 2003

Howdy Folks!!  Long time no update, I know.  I am a terrible, horrible person…forgive me? Thanks.  Well, here we are.  It’s the beginning of the second week of 2003…can you believe that it is really 2003?  I remember when I was a l’il chicken in elementary school and the idea of reaching the year 2000 was not even conceivable; now it is 3 years later than that fateful year and it seems like it has just flown by.  Well, enough of that…but you have to admit that its just “wow.”

Ok…so Merry (belated) Christmas, Happy New Year and any other holiday that you may celebrate…Winter Solistice…sure, merry merry!   My holidays were lovely, as usual.  I worked my butt off, hung out w/ my gals, family and co-workers.  It was joyous, lemme tell you!   Our annual holiday (christmas) party was held at Chez Cate, and speaking as hostess,  I do hope that you all had a wonderful time.  New Years Eve was at Casa Kate, and while our numbers dwindled somewhat, it was a happy and giggly time.  As all of you in the NE know, all of those festivities were joined by a blanket of white stuff (snow to the rest of you) which made everything…white. 

Our two holiday filled weeks past very quickly, especially for those who had to go back to school or work…and as much as I love our girly gatherings, it was very sad to have our last schebang.  On Saturday (sniff), we said byebye as Sandy flew back up to MI,  Kay gets ready to go back to PA and Kate stuffed her suitcases to start her internship in DC…sniff, sniff.  On man.  Cate’s getting teary just typing about all these girlies leavin…of course I too will be leaving soon, so.  Hmm. 

What else?  Well…not a whole lot.  I have been chasin after the kids at the clubhouse, and getting covered w/ sugar at the bakery.  Not a rough life, I admit…but the odd hours are startin to get to me. 

Ok…I think that is enough blither for right now….xoxo to you all! 


December 6, 2002

Hiya folks!  So, IT'S FRIDAY!! And that always makes me happy, but this Friday I am even happier 'cause the semester is OVER!  Just 3 more papers, and I am outta here!  PLUS, we have a semi-winter wonderland here in Keene (a whole 3 inches), so Headstart only has like, 5 kids, so NO WORK for Cate!  Of course that means I don't get paid, but I'll live.  

What else?  Not a whole lot...I'll probably be in the library under a pile of books for the next 3 or 4 days, but what else is new??  

My Florida gals, if I don't talk to you, have a GREAT time!!!!!



November 28, 2002

HAPPY TURKEY DAY ALL!! Well, after a day of family fun...what more can I say? Turkey, cranberry sauce, and about 600 veggies...that's the life, man.

What do I have to catch you all up on? After finishing up the paper from hell for Tuesday, I departed blustery Keene, for home sweet home! I learned quickly that it is just as blustery in NJ...perhaps more so. SO, after being home for a whole 10 minutes, I was picked up by my favorite ladies, Stacey, Sara and Amy. Kate also hopped in the car, and off we went to Wayne Hills diner for some random food--cheese cake, taylor ham, yucky daquri stuff...waffles and apple cake---the waitress (who was a bit odd herself) thought we were kinda strange. We mighta been a l'il loud too...but hey, c'est la vie. After that it was over to Karyn's, cause she got home late Tuesday night too, and I (others also) had not seen her in FOREVER and a that was GREAT. After that it was bed for Cate...

Wednesday began bright and early--4:30 at the bakery as I promised...followed by 8 hours of, "fun." That was the excitement of Wednesday...though I have to admit I love working with those all bats!

And that brings me to today, Thanksgiving. You already know what I ate...and, well, yeah. Simon would like you all to know that he had turkey today for the 1st time, and enjoyed it. My mom has this new alternative cat food book...healthy eating for healthy cats or something... :)

XOXO to you all!



November 16, 2002

I have decided I want to be real reason, I just think it would be cool.  To further that thought, check out this website  and if you want, here are the lyrics to O Canada- .

MmmHmm...anywho--back to Keene, and the good o'l US of A.  I went home last weekend--for the first time in forever, and it was great!  I saw my kitties, my dead plants, my parents (who killed the plants) and my grandma.  I also saw our l'il Kate sing in front of a whole big group of people at LOFT (which i learned stands for Living Our Faith Together) and then we ate yummy food at Friendly's...we being me Kate and Amy (sara was sleeping...hmmm--don't worry, payback will come at thanksgiving when she will see me all day, every day!)

What else?  Oh I volunteered myself to work at the bakery at 430 in the AM the day before thanksgiving...if anyone finds my sanity, lemme know!

OH--and not that any of you care, but SG1 was renewed for another season (yes, i am a sci-fi freak...get over it) and Mike Shanks is coming back!!! Oh I can't wait till June.... :)

What other useless info do you want to know?  Well us Keene-Staters only have 12, yes, i said 12 days of class left!!  Then finals, and we'se are OUTTA HERE!  guess who can't wait? yep--me.  

Ok, thats enough drivvel for you today.  Lemme leave u with this...

A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales. The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human, because even though it was a very large mammal its throat was very small. The little girl stated that Jonah was swallowed by a whale. Irritated, the teacher reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human; it was physically impossible. The little girl said, "When I get to heaven, I will ask Jonah". The teacher asked, "What if Jonah went to hell?" The little girl replied, "Then you ask him".


NOVEMBER 7, 2002

Hey folks!!  I know it has been FOREVER since I last updated....but you have to believe that it has been CRAZY up here in Keene!  Papers, books, and more papers!  But we've made it to the home's almost over!!

So what do I have to tell y'all?  Well, Parents Weekend was a few weeks ago...Mandi, Redd and I were inducted into the oh, so wonderful NSCS...a relatively random campus honors society...and then on Sunday we sat through the fall honors convocation...2 hours of, joy.  What else?  Well, the 'rents came up, hence PARENT weekend, and they stayed at a cute l'il hotel in Vermont with a heated pool, hot tub and sauna...o la la.  Hehe, it was a good time...

The next weekend was Pumpkin Fest...the lobotomy was great (I made a butterfly pumpkin!!!) But then on Saturday it POURED! And that was NOT cool!!! But it did clear up by the night, and all us Keene-ers and a bunch o' guests ate our way up Main St!  

I think that brings me to last weekend...and last weekend was....unproductive...a walmart run...some book reading...paper writing...stuff like that...

And this weekend (starting FRIDAY) it's NJ for me!!!  (and PA for many of you, hehe)

And in the proverbial nutshell...that's my life...!




12 October 2002


4 October 2002


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25 September 2002


23 September 2002


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