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A Few Days In Annapolis...and DC...and Arlington...oh heck, all over!!

(this site has lots and lots of may take a while to load, but I promise, you'll like them!!)

DC from Arlington Cemetery

Kate and I traveled to the DC-Metro area this week so that I could check out some of those nifty grad schools that they keep down there...of course we couldn't possibly do that without doing at least some of the average touristy things!!!  Since you already saw one Arlington picture, I'll keep going!

Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Sentinel's Creed

Engraving Near JFK's Gravesite

Back in the city, the Capitol is still nicely surrounded by construction!!

The National Gallery, Miss Kate, and a pretty street!

A Pigeon, Odd Art, and Kate (again...and in different clothes)

The Smithsonian Castle

Various exhibits at the Air and Space Museum

A scantily clad George Washington, Presidential Street Signs, and a Pentagon Poster at the Museum of American History

In between playing around the Smithsonian, we wandered about the campus of American University!  I didn't take too many pictures, but I assure you it is very very pretty!!

Georgetown was also very nice!!  Go Hoyas!!

Back on the Mall, good o'l Washington Monument


But back home in Annapolis...

Duckies keep the boats company

More Annapolis!

and of course, USNA!

Ships, Subs, and the USNA Chapel

Plebes climbing Herndon...There's a website that makes the climbing make sense...The Third Picture From the Bottom has an explanation...but other than that, it was just amusing!!!



Casey and Simon...and Casey being silly!!

Kate and Paul...also being silly!!


And that, my darlings, is a small tidbit of my 1/2 a week in the DC area!  It was fun, and hot, and at times cicada-full!!


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