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25 September 2002

Hiya Folks!  Here's the Cate-Land update for today...well, I seem to have caught up on those papers...some poetry left, but that's about it!

This week has flown by, as most of you gals in Keene will agree!  Our week has been filled with hair dying (me, mandi, carolyn, emily and laura...yes, that's almost all of us!) and hair STRAIGHTENING (woohoo!) and...well that's about it.  To the outside eye, I suppose it sounds quite boring, but I swear it's not!

Oh, and THANK YOU to my gals in NJ and Michigan who were wonderful enough to fill up my mailbox! I luv u gals!!!!

So I am currently rejoicing over the fact that Will and Grace is on EVERY DAY, how cool is that?!?  Anyway...

I'm going home tomorrow (thursday) so when i get back, hopefully there will be a great Cate update next week!!!!!!