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23 September 2002

SO, I suppose that I should do some sort of journal-y thing here since that was actually the original point of this site.  As you can tell by and others, I am easily distracted!!  Ok, so here I can't promise ya anything...I really doubt that this is going to be an "every-day update," but I'll try...!

Here goes!!!  So its rather early Monday morning, some may argue that it is still Sunday night, but it's not.  Um...I should be sleeping, but i'm not...I should be doing work, but I'm not!  Instead, I am hangin out here.  Any new Cate info?  Well, for all you Jerseyans, I'll be home late Thursday night, so I'll definitly be around on Saturday (movie...or...MALL?? puhleese say mall!) and you never know where I might show up on Friday!  With me will be Kate's curling iron...cause I stole it, but now I am being a GOOD person and giving it back! :-)

Until then, I'm gonna be psycho-girl up here in Keene writin papers that I "forgot" about this weekend! (bad boy, Cate!) <-- By the way, anyone wanna remind me where that is from?  I was thinking a Braunius child, but I don't remember.

I think that's it...current music of choice--Moulin Rouge playin on Miss Laura's computer!!

And, I can't forget to tell y'all that Em and Amy's room looks AWESOME!  And (so there be no jealousy) Our dear Mandi was SUCH a good student this weekend, she put me to shame!!  :-)