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NOVEMBER 7, 2002

Hey folks!!  I know it has been FOREVER since I last updated....but you have to believe that it has been CRAZY up here in Keene!  Papers, books, and more papers!  But we've made it to the home's almost over!!

So what do I have to tell y'all?  Well, Parents Weekend was a few weeks ago...Mandi, Redd and I were inducted into the oh, so wonderful NSCS...a relatively random campus honors society...and then on Sunday we sat through the fall honors convocation...2 hours of, joy.  What else?  Well, the 'rents came up, hence PARENT weekend, and they stayed at a cute l'il hotel in Vermont with a heated pool, hot tub and sauna...o la la.  Hehe, it was a good time...

The next weekend was Pumpkin Fest...the lobotomy was great (I made a butterfly pumpkin!!!) But then on Saturday it POURED! And that was NOT cool!!! But it did clear up by the night, and all us Keene-ers and a bunch o' guests ate our way up Main St!  

I think that brings me to last weekend...and last weekend was....unproductive...a walmart run...some book reading...paper writing...stuff like that...

And this weekend (starting FRIDAY) it's NJ for me!!!  (and PA for many of you, hehe)

And in the proverbial nutshell...that's my life...!